Taian Table has always been the vision of Chef/Founder Stefan Stiller

Stefan had longed to open a small, intimate dining destination with an open kitchen and an ethos that based itself of a single, seasonal tasting menu.

To prepare what’s in season, inventing new dishes with the team, and bringing like-minded peoples together and breaking the boundaries of traditional dining is the vision and goal of Taian Table.

The menu revolves and changes every month, using well-sourced seasonal produce to create completely new dishes in a 10- to 12-course menu. The food revolves around an interactive and intimate dining space Interactive and intimate dining – a real fun project.

The meal takes place around a counter surrounding the open kitchen—a stage for an interactive yet intimate meal served by Stefan and his team.

Taian Table opened on Tai’an Road in April 2016. Later that year in September, the restaurant received a Michelin Star in the inaugural Shanghai Michelin Guide 2016. Taian Table has since retained the one Michelin star, being listed in the 2017 guide.

Now we relocated to a new venue where it has a larger kitchen and more seating space. The concept and team remains unchanged.