Taian Table has always been the vision of Chef/Founder Stefan Stiller

Founded by Chef Stefan Stiller in April 2016, Taian Table is the culmination of Stefan’s vision for a small, intimate, and highly food-driven dining destination, centered around an open kitchen and a tasting menu crafted from the best seasonal produce.

Through Taian Table, Stefan hopes to bring together like-minded people, and break the boundaries of traditional fine dining. Every six weeks, the team creates an entirely new tasting menu, using the best ingredients available in Shanghai.

The style of cooking is refined, modern, and predominantly European, but many dishes bear a distinctive Asian touch.

The dining experience at Taian Table is centered on its open kitchen, around which guests are seated much like spectators at an arena.

Each dish is prepared in front of guests, and introduced personally by chefs and staff, creating an interactive and intimate dining experience.


Just five months after opening, Taian Table received a Michelin star in September 2016 in the inaugural edition of the Michelin Guide Shanghai.

In September 2019, Taian Table received two Michelin stars in the 2020 Guide.